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Painting Technique

"Lucky The Happy Elephant" - Intuitive painting process

First layer
It all starts with a mark!
Here I have painted a yellow and red background, and have randomly created marks, splatters and a word that subconsciously came to mind: “Believe”.

More Layers
More layers..

I add another layer of paint and markings, I use my fingers, brushes, spray water – let the water drip everywhere.. I still have no idea what the image will be, I bold the word “Believe”...I firmly believe in myself and my ability to create…

An image can be seen

Suddenly – I have an insight, an “AH HA!” moment, a realisation that I have found an image…well – part of an image.   I see part of an elephants leg and head,   from there I sketch in the rest of the elephants body…

IMG 1601 Covering up of layers
I proceed onto distinguishing the body, by covering up all the other marks. •   Once I have finished this layer, I step back to view the image and can’t believe I’ve covered soo much of the canvas “oh noooo!!”    ….but I still “believe”, I can do this.

IMG 1594 Adding more layers
I meditate..to reconnect to my intuition. I add more layers…then suddenly  I see a jungle and a waterfall emerging – the scene is set & I am soo excited! It’s all full steam ahead to complete the painting, yay!

Once the image and the scene is set, it’s just a matter of working on the detail and creating a beautiful  elephant emerging from the jungle.   …I also have another “Ah ha” moment, an insight to a story that needs to be written for this elephant – “Lucky the Happy Elephant.”       

- By Teresa Myat Berg

p.s. I am happy to say that Lucky was happily sold at my first solo exhibition at Eden Gardens.