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"Brave Intuitive You" - E-Course Experience

Flora Bowley's "Bloom True: The E-Course" Experience 

I had bought the book by Flora Bowley called "Brave Intuitive Painting", and was immediately attracted to the idea of the intuitive painting process - it so happened that there was also an online E-Course (based upon the book) being offered around the time of when I completed reading the book.

The course was delivered over a five week period, and this is my "painting" experience from the course.

I am forever grateful to Flora Bowley for reigniting the passion within me to paint.
Within the twelve months of completing this course, I have managed to produce 30 paintings! Of which most are sold.
Be warned that this course may transform you as it did for me, also an added bonus to the course is a wonderful class that you can interact with!

Note, that I am now part of the Alumni of "Bloom True" graduates, and am part of the Bloom True affiliate program.
So, if you feel inspired and decide to enrol in this course after reading my post - I would be grateful if you enrolled via my link:

Feel free to leave any comments or questions if you have any.

Happy Painting,
Teresa xo

First Layer - Cover the canvas!
First Layer - Cover the canvas!
The first layer was really to just have fun and to cover the entire canvas with reds and yellows. You can spray water, splatter paint and start connecting with your intuition by painting blind folded. Try painting with your hands and fingers. Just get the canvas covered.
2nd layer - Creating Marks
The second layer is all about experimenting and playing with the materials you have. Basically making marks on your canvas. Marks can be made with your fingers, stencils, back of old pencils, toys, toothbrush anything you would like to use.
2nd layer - Creating Marks
3rd layer - More Marks
3rd layer - More Marks
I was just having soo much fun experimenting with mark making, and spraying with water that I kept going.
4th layer - Adding Blacks and White
I don't usually use, blacks or whites, so I found this layer to be really challenging. I somehow couldn't resist using teal (blue), to counter balance the blacks.
4th layer - Adding Blacks and White
5th layer - Using the full colour pallet
5th layer - Using the full colour pallet
I loved using the full colour pallet! I continued making random marks, splattering and spraying water -making loads of drip marks this was just way too fun. However...once this layer was over, we had to commit to certain area's of the painting, and to start seeing images from the painting..hmmm.. I was stuck on this layer for almost 3 weeks! (yikes!) I could not see any images from my painting. So, to get myself unstuck, I loaded up on imagery - I bought books of birds, plants and did loads of sketching and meditation to try and reconnect to my intuition .
6th layer, adding symbols and a "Ahaaa" moment.
I started to add symbols, circles and dots - then, all of a sudden I had an "AHa" moment. A break through!! I saw a birds tail! Yay! Then I saw two birds emerging from my painting. I was very excited!
6th layer, adding symbols and a "Ahaaa" moment.
Final layer and completed painting
Final layer and completed painting
Once I saw the two birds, the scene was set, it was just a matter of filling in the details, the waterfall, trees and fruit. Voila! a completed intuitive painting: "Birds in Paradise".

2 Comments to "Brave Intuitive You" - E-Course Experience:

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Lynda Briggs on Friday, 4 October 2013 9:10 AM
Teresa, You said it so perfectly! Your experience was very much the same as mine. Thank you for sharing. If you happen to take a peak at my website, you will see that it's a bit of a mess and unfinished. I know I need to work on it but all I really want to do is paint! ;-) xo, L
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Teresa Myat Berg on Monday, 28 October 2013 8:01 PM
Thankyou so much Lynda Briggs to stop by to leave a comment. I think, one of the best components of the class is to have met so many talented artists like yourself. We were all there to inspire and encourage each other and we continue to do this even after the class has completed. Your artworks are beautiful, and the main thing is you have a website! Am sure when you get a chance, you'll set it up the way you would like it.

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