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About Me...

I have always loved art, especially painting. 

 Most of my artistic creations have been given away in the form of wedding gifts, birthday presents or for charity run events. 
The reward for this gesture – immense happiness felt in my heart, when the recipient expressed such gratitude and heartfelt thanks. I now share my creations outside my circle of family and friends and hope that you will enjoy them too. The mediums I use in my paintings are acrylic and oil paints.

With oil paintings, I have a preliminary subject matter and complete a sketch prior to the painting.

When I use acrylic paints, I paint intuitively. That is, I throw paint, splatter and make marks onto a blank canvas, building up layers until an image emerges. I then use this image to set the scene for the rest of the painting.
When I paint intuitively, there are no preliminary sketches or subject matter in mind. 
What generally manifests in these paintings are my feelings, emotions, experiences and the inspirations that have had an impact on me. 
Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings.

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Self Sketch
Self Sketch
Teresa Myat Berg
My first solo exhibit
My first solo exhibit
At Eden Gardens Gallery Sydney